Library of Congress (LOC): The LOC has more than 50,000 genealogies and 100,000 local histories. The collections are especially strong in North American, British Isles, and German sources. These are further supported by the library's royalty, nobility, and heraldry collection, making it one of a few libraries in America that offer such collections.

DAR (DAR) Library: The DAR has gathered 140,000 books, 250,000 files, manuscript collections and other important historical and genealogical materials. The DAR Library also has a file collection of an estimated 300,000 folders consisting of documentation submitted with DAR applications, subsequent donations by DAR members, and items donated by the public.

National Archives: Records in the National Archives holdings that are most often used by genealogists and family historians include Federal Population Censuses (1790-1930), Federal military service records from the Revolutionary War to 1912, immigration records (1820-1957), naturalization records for Federal Courts in Washington, D.C., and land case files to include tract books and land patents.

Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania Archives: Hundreds of thousands of official State and county government records including birth/death records, land records, county records, wills, naturalization and military records plus many more.

We also have access to the Family History Library (FHL) which includes over
2.4 million rolls of microfilmed genealogical records; 742,000 microfiche; 310,000
books, serials, and other formats; 4,500 periodicals; 700 electronic resources.
We can access many of these records through our local Family History Center.


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